Rose Quartz Self Care Bundle
This bundle includes a blush headband that protects your hair during face washing, a blush set of 2 face washing wrist guards to catch the water from sliding down your sleeve, a rose quartz face roller, a rose quartz guasha,...
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Ase Lip Revival Balm
Ase Lip Revival Balm is a smooth, calming, and light weight lip treatment that you will want again and again. It's especially great if your lips suffer from dryness, a recent breakout, or any cuts/scrapes. Contains only 3 natural ingredients...
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Hair Revival Oil
Asé Wellness Hair Revival Oil is PACKED with nutrients for hair growth, hair strengthening, hair glow, scalp repair, follicle repair, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, damage repair, and balancing the natural oils your scalp secretes (sebum). It is light weight, smells great, and...
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Loc Revival Spray
Ase Wellness Loc Revival Spray is filled with all the natural ingredients your locs will love, such as aloe and peppermint eseential oil! This spray can be used on locs for daily hydration and can also reduce odors trapped in...
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